Cirrus supports TPRG’s aspirations of improving customer service while offering a personalised experience to their customers across
all brands.

In 2015 Theo Paphitis launched Theo Paphitis Retail Group (TPRG) which incorporates Ryman Stationery, Robert Dyas, Boux Avenue and London
Graphic Centre. The combined group comprises over 330 stores and 4,000 employees who serve over 28 million customers a year.

The Retail industry is rapidly transforming with emerging technologies changing the way consumers interact with their favourite brands. This shift in preferences, is giving rise to new battle lines for e-commerce. Being competitive requires organisations in the retail industry specifically, to adapt more quickly to the experience of customers. Because of this, most organisations are striving to achieve a unified omni-channel customer engagement strategy enabled by technology.

The Challenge

Previously TPRG were using a solution which had a lack of reporting, a poor interface to manage resource and skills and no way of managing the numerous types of communication from one single desktop. The existing technology could not support their aspirations for improving the service and giving the customers a personalised experience. The infrastructure in place at the time was continually failing. If another solution hadn’t been identified the current solution would have failed over their peak period when they experienced a high spike in traffic volume.

The Objectives

TPRG were in the market for a solution that could streamline the contact centre, giving them a holistic view of the customer contact whilst making sure this aligned across the three brands. The project team were looking to improve SLA’s and to introduce new technologies such as omni channel to drive efficiencies, which would enable them to respond to challenging market conditions by proiding a better service without a huge price tag.

The Solution

TPRG initially chose to implement Cirrus Contact Centre Pro in their contact centre. The Cirrus Solution took approximately 8 weeks from signing the contract to routing TPRG’s first call through the network. TPRG thought that they would have to spend months planning out a project and installing hardware, so they were surprised at how quickly their first call was routed via the Cirrus network. For Stage 2 of the project Cirrus implemented its omni-channel solution in the contact centre. Both solutions are being used by the customer service, B2B and business accounts teams.

‘Cirrus enables us to deliver a seamless customer experience no matter which brand or channel.’

Theo Paphitis Retail Group

The Business  Outcome

The Cirrus platform is helping TPRG save time and increase productivity because:

Within 6 months of deploying Cirrus, the percentage of calls answered improved by more than 2% and TPRG’s average speed to answer improved by 18 seconds. (Q4 2017 vs. Q1 2018). TPRG’s network was improved as a result of deploying the Cirrus solution because they uncovered major issues which required urgent action.

Since implementing the Cirrus omni-channel solution 78% of TPRG’s customers are extremely happy with their digital experience. 62% of customer contact is going through digital channels which are more efficient than traditional voice calls.

Cirrus enables TPRG to deliver a seamless customer experience no matter which brand or channel. It also allowed TPRG to intelligently identify and prioritise store calls to ensure they deliver the best possible in-store experience.

Next for TPRG

Since having the Cirrus platform, TPRG have made a number of functional improvements such as Queue Rescue. TPRG had a problem whereby at their peak times they could not serve all the customers queuing up, Cirrus therefore offered them queue rescue which allowed callers to queue offline. Upon them reaching the front of the queue they would receive a call back. This not only delights customers but also has helped TPRG take control of spiralling call costs.

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