Cirrus Voice

If you want to provide gold standard service, connecting your customers to your best people on the phone is a recipe for success. You can rely on Cirrus to provide ultra-reliable and flexible voice solutions that deliver an awe-inspiring customer experience. Cirrus saves you time and money since you only pay what you use. Our platform flexes with you, so if you hit a peak unexpectedly, you don’t need to panic about not having enough lines; you can focus on resourcing and getting the job done.


Unified Desktop

Agents will have everything they need in one unified desktop. Cirrus Omni-Channel functionality will be delivered in a simple view that your agents will love. 85% of customers only need 30 minutes to train their agents on using Cirrus.

Work from Anywhere

You simply need to be able to access a web browser and a phone – it’s that simple.

Instant, One-Click Provisioning

You can self-serve and it is live immediately – service changes, IVR announcements, adding licences, agent groups, skillset changes. You choose it, Cirrus delivers it instantly.

Real Time Performance

You will see every detail about your contact centre as it happens, meaning you can make a change as soon as you have a problem.

Work Smarter and Reduce Costs

Intelligent Routing

Hit your service levels and maximise your contact centre productivity by configuring every queue, rule and group. We are also on hand to advise on the best way to manage interactions across multiple channels and groups of agents.

Cirrus IVR

Select a number and build a menu system in minutes using our easy to use yet feature rich IVR. Built through our portal, and with the ability to take any geographic and non-geographic number from our 725,000-strong number pool.

Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is baked in to Cirrus, we are a true cloud provider with at least three different sites working simultaneously for each customer.


Cirrus just works. We provide a 99.999% service level guarantee with a 60 second Recovery Time Objective SLA. We operate as true cloud should.


Cirrus has you covered. We are ISO27001 certified, and hold Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. We have also implemented an ongoing GDPR compliance programme.

Open APIs

You have choice in the systems you use because Cirrus will integrate with anything, we won’t restrict you to using just our technology stack.

Finding smart tools that add more ways of communicating is the key. Tools that deliver results quickly, are easy to roll out, and are simple and fast for agents to learn and use.

‘Voice is still the dominant channel in most of today’s contact centres. With Cirrus you get the best platform to drive excellence in this critical area’ – Jason Roos, CEO Cirrus


  • Instant scalability.
    No more guessing how many channels you might consume. You have as much capacity as you need, instantly.

  • Pay for what you use.
    Why should you have to buy bundles or run extra infrastructure for the ‘what if’ scenarios. Our flexible model means you can tightly control costs.

  • You’re in charge.
    You can configure and amend your service at any time without needing to rely on IT.

  • Robust.
    Indestructible reliability means no downtime.

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