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What are voice and speech analytics?

Speech analytics determines what’s being said, from transcribing a spoken conversation into a readable text to identifying precise words or phrases that can be crucial to your business. With predetermined keywords and phrases programmed into speech analytics, this can be reported and analysed for managers easily. Voice analytics goes one step further by using AI and machine learning to pinpoint specific words and determine the emotion and sentiment behind them.

What is the voice of your customer telling you?

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Cirrus combines both voice analytics and speech analytics to enable contact centres to perform deep analysis of calls between their agents and customers. Speech is translated into readable transcripts while patterns in spoken audio are also analysed to identify the emotion and intent of the conversation. By combining words with sentiment and emotion, you’ll get a true understanding of the voice of the customer. Cirrus clearly shows where improvements can be made to customer service, reduce unnecessary calls, and identify training and compliance needs.

How Cirrus Conversational Analytics works

We run your calls, emails, chats and custom data sources through our algorithms using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automated Machine Learning (AML) to perform voice analytics and speech analytics. Data is then processed through the models shown below.

  • Voice to text – Transcription of the conversation that recognises names, acronyms and seeded words.
  • Search packs – Identify key terms or phrases in the conversation with fuzzy text. grouping.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Natural language processing to account for the meaning of words within the content of the conversation.
  • Topic modelling – Identifying conversational topics through hidden semantic structures.

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  • Acoustic features – Tone, pitch, energy, speaker dominance, silence, cross talk, speech rate, hesitation and pauses.
  • Textual sentiment detection – Detection of the sentiment of words; positive, negative or neutral.
  • Vocal emotion detection – Detection of anger, sadness, happiness, neutrality, anxiety, vulnerability, misunderstanding, and complaint indicators.

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  • Rest APIs – Automatic data feed to customer systems and easy integration.
  • Full integration – Works seamlessly with existing technologies to unite cross-channel data and interaction history.

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  • AI technologies – Recognise trends in behavior, voice and data, enabling teams to evolve the experience by anticipating changing needs.

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The proven benefits of Cirrus Conversational Analytics

Using this innovative software for both voice analytics and speech analytics, you’ll be able to:

  • Model Best Practice To Significantly Increase Sales

    Increase sales conversion rates by 25% by hearing and modelling what your best performers are saying and doing and then replicating this across your team.

  • Automate quality assurance

    Auto QA in the form of an excellence score card for every agent, shares insights to show where improvements can be made as well as providing consistent benchmarking. Apply high quality service to every call equally.

  • Manage risk, fraud and compliance

    Protect your brand and eliminate fines with compliance breach and fraud alerts. Ensure your agents remain compliant with GDPR/PCI-DSS/FCA.

  • Identify actionable improvements

    Identify training needs and sales conversion improvements. Clearly see where you can make operational improvements and increase efficiencies.

  • Measure customer experience (CX) and customer satisfaction

    Automate the process of evaluating customer experience and enable your contact centre agents to resolve customer queries quickly. Proactively manage service levels and nurture high-value customers.

  • Understand why customers are contacting you and how to help them

    By understanding what customers want, you can change your messaging, website or processes and eliminate up to 30% of unnecessary enquiries. Enable your agents to resolve more customer queries on the first call and increase your First Call Resolution (FCR) performance.

  • Proactively manage employee wellbeing

    Understand how your team are feeling thanks to automated, actionable insights based on behavioural analytics and take early action to reach out, show you care and guide them through the next steps to support them.

  • Reduce sickness and improve employee retention

    By continually analysing employees’ needs and being able to intervene early when agents are struggling, you can reduce sickness, unauthorised absence and employee turnover rates by 50%.

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