Slide Speech Analytics

Customers communicate on many different channels creating
an insurmountable number of voice recordings or digital conversations.
Terrabytes of information is stored and provides a rich source of meaningful
data on what customers like, don’t like, what they would like improved
and much more. This provides an opportunity to create easily consumed,
decision making, actionable insights.

Cirrus Speech Analytics

Cirrus Speech Analytics provides intelligent insights into the customer sentiment. It can provide very precise analysis of words, phrases, categories and themes in conversations, happening daily in the contact centre. It empowers users to create ‘heat maps’ and custom visibility by design, of the things you want to see and the things you didn’t realise you needed to see.

Customers Think in Context, Not Channel

When customers interact with a Contact Centre they leave a digital trace. A recorded customer service call, browsing history, web or mobile app usage, transaction history, social or digital chat conversations, all providing the insights to build a more personal profile of a customer.

Customers don’t think in terms of interaction channels they think in terms of context. In fact, the customer knows the context already and just wants an organisation to ‘know them’. It’s not Business to Consumer anymore or B2C, it’s Bob to Celia and Celia wants personalised service whenever and wherever she engages.

Cirrus Speech Analytics provides the technology to respond more effectively to context, to offer more personalised engagements, regardless of how often a customer has connected or what channels they’re switching between.

Insightful Data, Better Results

With Cirrus Speech Analytics every single call is transcribed and every single word and phrase is indexed. This means when reviewing a call you don’t actually have to listen to all of it, in many cases you only need to listen to about 10% of it, saving about 90% of the time.

Quickly find the right calls and use the visual map to see what’s going on or to skip to the most relevant parts. View who’s speaking at any one time and identify emotional sections or cross-talk.
DPA desktop and process analytics also provide insights into what the agent was actually doing during a call; were they on Facebook, the CRM system or the Knowledge Management platform?
Automated speaker tagging provides better compliance tracking of agent statements, identification of customers at risk, as well as mentions of compliments or complaints by easy selection of agent or customer.
Semantic Intelligence powers a predictive search capability of relevant topics, actions, relationships and entities all being automatically presented as the user types.

A more visual and intuitive interface provides faster time to insight, boosts productivity and makes it simple.

Insightful Data, Better Results

Cirrus Speech Analytics redefines this process by introducing completely automated theme detection. The solution provides a very granular set of system generated categories, representing meaningful conversation topics, actions, relationships, and entities. These are generated automatically out-of-the-box even before the first category is built by a user, and are continuously updated based on what’s being discussed in the Contact Centre.

Each ‘theme’ is quantified by the impact it’s having on overall call volumes and handling time. The most critical themes can then be easily ‘set’ as new categories, removing the trial and error guesswork on the right categories and leading to even faster and greater ROI.
Themes are displayed in different colors and sizes which represent the metrics behind them, such as how often they’re used and the level of change, the level of severity and more.

You can quickly see what percent of the volume each theme represents and the different ways that the theme is used i.e. “making ↔ reservations; make ↔ reservation; need to make ↔ reservation.
The Cirrus Speech Analytics solution will surface themes that you did not think about. This can be crucial, given unknown themes could be critical to impacting processes and service delivery.

Achieving Business Goals

Cirrus Speech Analytics provides the fastest time to insights, powering business transformational change, boosting productivity and providing the opportunity to really know the customer.

Increase First Contact Resolution
Determine and eliminate repeat call drivers

Reduce Average Handle Time
Detect root cause of long calls

Reduce Customer Churn
Determine what causes customers to cancel accounts and how good Agents save them

Improve Self-Service
Assess departure points of web and IVR channels

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Uncover customer complaints

Improve Business Processes
Leverage customer interactions to find process inefficiencies

Increase Sales
Pinpoint best (and worst) selling behaviours

Focused Quality Monitoring
Find the calls that “matter most” in a fraction of the time

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