Cirrus Social

Customers love Social Media, they use it to share information about themselves, and more importantly about their experiences with organisations, both good and bad. If you are not engaging with your customers over social media, you are most definitely missing a trick. Cirrus Social enables you to quickly and easily create a social media channel within your contact centre, leveraging the industry’s leading social customer service platform from Cirrus, as a cloud-based solution.

How it Works

Step 1

You define the automated self-service process for your customer.

Step 2

You see the complete conversation from the customer.

Step 3

Intelligently workflow relevant interactions for real-time response.

Step 4

Make a positive impact on the customer experience.


Social Listening

You define what is of interest, filtering through the noise using both the keywords and the context in which they are used to prioritise those social interactions that require customer service attention.

Complete Conversations

Utilising intelligent threading to piece together all of the elements of the customer conversation, providing the responding agent with the complete social conversation.

Intelligent Routing

By leveraging user-defined workflow rules and defined policy to route social interactions to customer service agents to review and respond.

Social Insight

Not only providing you with analysis of your performance against KPI’s and defined service levels, but also insight into key customer trends over time.


Intuitive API’s to enable integration into your CRM application and contact centre platform, providing a single view of the customer.


IP locking, a complete audit trail and searchable archive ensuring full capture and compliance of social interactions.


  • Improved Customer Retention.

  • Greater Customer Insight.

  • True Service Differentiation.

Who This Would Best Suit

  • Both sales and customer sevice focused contact centres.

  • Contact centres looking to engage with their customers socially.

  • Contact centres seeking to differentiate their customer experience.

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