Cirrus Messaging

Messaging has become so much more than webchat. One-to-one messaging between an agent and a customer today takes place in dozens of places. Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, SMS, WhatsApp to name a few. Of course, we do webchat too, but to us, chat is the future of one-to-one customer engagement. Cirrus Messaging will deliver contacts to your agents in one smart inbox with full customer engagement history. You can take action in real time to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and agent satisfaction, and maximise your contact centres efficiency


Easy-to-learn Interface

Easily balance inbound demand spikes, no need for specialist agents to handle different messaging types.

Queue System

New Messaging from customers that have not been assigned to an agent appear in the queue box. Agents can assign themselves conversations to answer and manage.

Instant Templates

Agents can instantly access predefined message templates to speed up conversation and provide consistency of message and brand.

Active Conversation

Active conversations with customers appear on the agent dashboard with an identification number. Agents can easily switch between active conversations for fast response.

Exceptional Customer Service Cirrus

Message System

Agents can send outbound messages to customers and include date and time stamps. Threaded conversations management with multiple customers is quick and easy.

Quick Case Search

Search for past cases using a case ID or customer mobile number.

Finding smart tools that add more ways of communicating is the key. Tools that deliver results quickly, are easy to roll out, and are simple and fast for agents to learn and use.

Cirrus Messaging

Working smarter is a clear ambition for most, although it’s not so easy when you’re already spinning lots of plates. Motivating staff, balancing spikes in call volumes, trying to hit service levels and continuously improving performance is a daily challenge, amongst many other things. And yet the demand for better results never stops.

Cirrus Messaging lets you quickly implement one chat channel or all of them.


  • Yields 95%+ customer satisfaction rating.

  • Efficient use due to strategic placement within FAQ system.

  • 15% of customers would not use any other contact channel.

  • Compared to email, chat resolves eight times more enquiries.

  • Ideal for hearing impaired customers.

  • Knowledge-base makes our chat five times faster than other vendors.
  • Increase outbound contact conversations.
  • Reduce inbound calls.
  • Reduce call handling time.

Cirrus Messaging helps agents work more efficiently. They can use a mix of text chat and voice calls that deliver the best results.

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