Cirrus Harmonisation

To maintain an excellent experience, contact centres need to identify when a self-service engagement deviates from the norm and inject some additional intelligence into the process. Typically, this involves introducing agent assistance.
Seamlessly moving from self-service to agent-assist can be challenging. How do you know when to offer help? How do you prioritise escalations across multiple channels or during busy periods? Will the agent have full visibility of the engagement to date? What are the cost implications of systems integration? Here at Cirrus we understand that this uncertainty can introduce risk; potentially impacting on both operational performance and customer experience. That’s why we have fully integrated our conversational AI within our omni-channel platform.


Holistic View Of The Customer

Provide agents with the back-story to any enquiry that is escalated to them

Channel Switch

The Cirrus omni-channel platform allows customers to switch between channels without interrupting their journey. So if a customer needs to break off their web chat session then both CAI and a live agent can assist the customer to switch to another channel (such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for example), allowing them to continue the conversation from a mobile device, at the most convenient time for them.

Introduction of a live agent

Choose whether to announce the introduction of live agents or whether this change risks loss of conversion/customer buy-in to the process.

The harmonisation of conversational AI and omni-channel support is ideal for contact centres servicing digitally mobile customers.


  • Improve the customer experience.

  • Allows you to prioritise escalations in busy periods.
  • Builds positive brand sentiment.
  • Drive Agent Efficiency.

  • CAI knows when to introduce an agent or channel swap.

  • Reduce peak time pressures in the contact centre
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