Cirrus Email

Transform emails into cases with Cirrus Email. Measure response times, service levels and agent productivity with customisable SLAs for each workflow and seamlessly link customer emails with all other contact across any channel, to get a complete picture.


Intelligent Routing

Connects your existing or new mailboxes to a smart management system that allows you to control all your email messages. You can assign conversations automatically and smartly by agent skills, channels and channel synchronisation, personalisation, SLA, load balancing, and more.


Integrates directly with existing CRM systems to provide a unified desktop that your that your agents will love.

Secure and Simple Form Process

Customers can sign forms during a conversation with your agent. It is a co-browsing tool that enables agents to monitor and guide the customers through complex forms. You can send direct links to the forms while communicating with your customers.


Allows escalation to other contact channels as needed.

Template Answers

Includes automatic answers for fast accurate responses.


Detailed analytics showing key deflection and resolution rates.Complete view of every agent and system activity on the case.

Collision Detection

See who else is viewing or replying to the case so that you can avoid duplicated effort and potential miscommunication.

Merging Cases

Give your agents the complete picture by automatically consolidating cases about the same issue.

Smart Notifications

Get modified about case updates automatically so that you can stay on top of the workload and prioritise effectively.

Custom Case Views

Choose which cases individuals or groups of agents see so that you can split workload by capability and skill.

Finding smart tools that add more ways of communicating is the key. Tools that deliver results quickly, are easy to roll out, and are simple and fast for agents to learn and use.

‘Email has seen a resurgence in importance in the contact centre in the last few years, with Contact Babel* listing this channel as the second most used by customers, behind voice. Together, these two channels accounted for over 85% of inbound interactions in 2017.

*UK Contact Centres 2018-2022, The State of the Industry & Technology Penetration.  


  • Yields 95%+ customer satisfaction rating.

  • Enhances the customers experience.
  • Boosts agents productivity.
  • Efficient use due to strategic placement within Knowledge Base system.
  • Deliver excellent customer experiences.

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