Slide Customer Self-Service

Many enquiries from customers are more effectively handled
through automated ‘self-service’. The customer is able to quickly
access the information they need, and what is more, this service
can be delivered 24×7.

Cirrus Customer Self-Service provides one of the most comprehensive
voice response solutions available to contact centres.
A range of pre-built functions and integration enables you to quickly
define and configure an intuitive experience for your customers.

How it works

Step 1

You define the automated self-service process for your customer.

Step 2

You select the Cirrus pre-built functions to create your service.

Step 3

Your customers gain the experience they deserve 24×7.


Self-Service Flow

With Cirrus you design your customer self-service in the way you want to deliver the experience for your customer. By utilising pre-build functions you can quickly define and bring into service new and intuitive self-service options.

Intelligent Connectors

Cirrus provides a range of data connectors which simplifies the process of retrieving key information from your customer management and operational systems, providing customers with fast-track access to the information they need.

Voice Prompts

By embedding professional voice prompts, Cirrus enables you to deliver a customer self-service application that is fitting for your brand and provides a personalised service to your customers.

Escalate to Call

Through tight integration into the Cirrus contact centre platform, you are always able to provide your customers with the ability to opt-out of self-service and be connected to a live agent. What makes the experience great is that everything collected so far can be passed to the agent along with the customer call.

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Who This Would Best Suit

Any contact centre with standard customer enquiries

Any organisation looking to provide a self-service option

Contact Centres looking to provide 24×7 service

The Value Delivered

Reduce Call Volume

By diverting routine calls to an efficient and effective self-service alternative.

Reduce Costs

By serving more customer enquiries through a much lower automated method.

Increased Accessibility

By providing an option to customers to serve themselves 24×7.

Improved Customer Experience

By providing customers with direct access to the information they require without the need to queue for a live agent.

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