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Cloud Contact Centre Integrations

At Cirrus, we passionately believe that “all in one” solutions are always a compromise. Instead, we have an Open approach to working with all 3rd party systems, whether we have worked with them before or not. As long as they use Open APIs and we are able to integrate, we will undertake this work as part of the project. We won’t force you to change if you don’t want, enabling you to fully realise a return on your investment in legacy systems. All of our systems integration and development work is carried out in the UK, with a turnaround time measured in weeks, not months. If you want to keep your existing call recording and routing systems, but would prefer to outsource the management to Cirrus, we’ll bring it all under the umbrella of our master services agreement.

Cirrus was designed from the outset to integrate quickly and easily with any CRM or ERP system. Our integrations fill 2 main needs. First is data-driven decision making before a contact is delivered to an agent. For example, collecting IDV data and validating it. There are thousands of ways that Cirrus customers have used data to drive intelligence and automation. Secondly, our integrations automate tasks for agents. Screen pops of the most relevant object in a CRM is where we start, but why not add any data we’ve collected to the object record as we go, helping the agent and shortening average handling times.

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