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Cirrus Workforce Management


Having the right Contact Centre resources available when customers need them means balancing budget and profitability, agent lifestyle and customer expectations. It can be difficult to get right.

  • Staffing levels need to be accurate throughout each hour of the day. Team isn’t overstaffed at the wrong times and staffed well enough during peaks.
  • Customer needs have to be met. This can mean tougher shifts affecting agent lifestyle and potentially leading to higher churn.
  • Agent shift preferences should be considered alongside customer demand. Disappointed customers affect profitability.

The Cirrus Workforce Management solution, powered by Teleopti, provides intelligent forecasting, agent scheduling and performance management tools. It’s built on a foundation of over 24 years of experience working with resource planners and contact centre staff.

Boost Agent Productivity

Planning agent resource to meet demands is not necessarily the hard part. Helping agents to stick to the plan is more difficult. Cirrus WFM schedule adherence makes it easier for the agent to monitor how good they are at being available when they should be, and provides assurances to the business that well laid resource plans are being well executed.


In 15 minute intervals, (represented by the smaller vertical bars above), an agent has immediate visibility of how well they are sticking to schedule. Built-in ‘gamification’ type rewards help agents feel good about their performance, with a ‘score chart’ showing how well they’re doing against others in the team.

Relevant management visibility and alerts are configurable to monitor and improve adherence continuously. On average customers using Cirrus WFM see a boost in adherence and ultimately productivity of between 5% and 7%.

Retain More Staff

A core theme of the Cirrus WFM solution and a key benefit is the lifestyle features. These are designed to make agents feel more in control and to provide a better balance that actually improves productivity. Well positioned breaks and lunches, occupancy considerations and personal constraints can be considered, demonstrating a degree of human thought based process going into agent schedules:


Better scheduling to demand means more consistent workload but importantly also means less stress for agents:


Working day preferences is a specific feature, which can be used to provide fairness between agents and perhaps reflect on seniority or longer term employee commitment. A subtle benefit but actually a simple and effective way of improving the agent work-life balance while ensuring the business is exceeding the needs of the customer:


Automated annual leave request handling with ‘signal’ indicator against selected days of likelihood of being approved help agents to feel more empowered. If configured to allow access to this feature, agents see a real benefit, being able to plan themselves and again have more control:


Similarly, being able to provide ‘preferred’ shifts or feed in activities, again help to encourage a better agent work-life balance but boost productivity during shifts patterns:


Finally, agents feel empowered further still, with the ability to ‘shift trade’. Swap for a particular shift with a colleague or put a shift up for trade on the ‘board’. Management tools identify when agents do a lot of this also, to help identify opportunities for discussion.


The lifestyle features of the Cirrus WFM solution make the agents feel better about their working day and happier. With less churn, training costs are reduced and productive time is increased.

More Accurate Forecasting and Scheduling

A close integration with the Cirrus Cloud Contact Centre platform ensures a consistent and accurate data feed of multimedia contact activity. Agent status information is also made available on 15 minute intervals to support the adherence features of the product. Historical data for specified date ranges can be ‘validated’, by fine tuning and isolating one off incidents to define a ‘business as usual’ customer contact view. This can then be used as one of many ‘templated’ views to build an extremely accurate forecast for demand and subsequently a more precise agent schedule.

There are many more features that form part of the solution, to improve scheduling further still, reflecting on business rules. One example is ‘suggested best time’ for a meeting. Decide who needs to attend and the application can provide a clear view of the best time slot to maintain the highest SLA response times.

Intraday Management

Of course unexpected challenges, ranging from agents being off sick to major incidents, are effortlessly managed with simple click and select features. Automate clever reallocation of work media or time of day task productivity in an extremely agile way.

Better Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Cirrus’ powerful Business Continuity Planning features work seamlessly with the Teleopti powered WFM solution, to help manage resources more effectively. Calling into the Cirrus platform, based on registered calling numbers, allows for the ability to ‘trigger’ a BCP plan. It could cause calls to be re-routed for example but at the same time, send an SMS to all of the agents to check their Teleopti client for messages on resourcing the outage. Messages about re-ordering of schedules are immediately available, via any device, using the mobile browser or the built-for-purpose iOS and Android platform apps.


Cirrus WFM is continuously at the forefront of innovation, offering customers a comprehensive, state of-the-art solution that improves customer-service-planning operations in contact centres and the back office. There are a number of modules and features available, reflecting on over 24 years of addressing agent resourcing problems.

What next?

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