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Cirrus Benefits

The platform makes life simple. All of your Contact Centre and Cloud PBX requirements are covered. Cirrus was built to connect, so the possibilities really are limitless.

We’ve teased out a lot of the product value below, although Cloud innovation, speed to market and the Cirrus team ethos means the sum of the parts is very much more.

Cloud Platform

  • Rock Solid Cloud+
    • State-of-the art data centres in London, Birmingham and Manchester operate independently, although are inter-site aware. At least 7 major PSTN vendors provide the telephony links with internet access delivered through double digit connections. We could lose more than one entire facility without any impact on our customers. IT staff can focus on supporting business goals without the worry. Simple.
  • Access via the Browser+
    • Configure an entire multi-site Contact Centre, the agent workspace and all reliant and ‘connected’ technology via a simple to use web portal. Everything you need to do is made available through a browser running on a desktop or mobile device.
  • Self-Aware Platform+
    • The Cirrus platform is self-aware with configurable alerts that enable the platform to notify users when it needs to.
  • ‘One-click’ Numbers+
    • ‘Click’ to provision new numbers in seconds, available real-time, from a stock of over 700,000 01, 02, 03 & 08 numbers. Select from free numbers or choose a more memorable number. You can also port existing numbers. Number flexibility enables calls to appear as national or local.
  • Unlimited Channels+
    • The Cirrus elastic cloud network provides unique levels of capacity with support for unlimited channels. Support as many as 1,000 concurrent calls. Infinite access to resources that require consumable capacity such as priority queuing, intelligent announcements and call backs, is permanently available and efficiently provided only when needed. Respond to changes in demand in an instant and make sure every customer can get connected.
  • Existing System Overlay+
    • Benefit from a world-class and unique entirely Cloud end-to-end solution or overlay existing switches, networks and ACD solutions to provide the best of both. A hybrid solution can often overcome challenges that a pure Cloud or premise based solution can’t. The Cirrus platform is vendor agnostic, it can support any existing telephony configuration.

Routing & Queueing

  • IVR+
    • Create interactive routing using data lookups, collected information and user navigation with tools to make it easy.
  • Skills Based Routing+
    • Route calls based on the skills of an agent, to ensure you connect a customer to the right agent, reducing repeat calls and freeing up more time to handle more customer enquiries.
  • Best Performing Agent+
    • Consider both customer spend patterns and the historic performance of the agent, to route a contact to the agent that is most likely to achieve the best sales or service outcome.
  • Top / VIP Customers+
    • High-spend repeat customers can be managed with custom announcements and the ability to hold their place within a queue without having to remain on the line. They can also be placed in a priority queue.
  • Multimedia Queuing+
    • Queue phone calls, SMS, web chat, social channels or email contacts, making sure the customer has the choice and the agents have the tools to provide the best possible outcomes.
  • Queue Prioritisation+
    • Use different service levels for different customer groups. If you then get hit with volume on a priority queue, our time-in-queue function means any caller in a low priority queue will gain priority over time, eventually surpassing a new caller in a high priority queue.
  • Abandon Rescue+
    • SMS customers who abandon a call when using their mobile phone, apologising for missing the call and telling them that they have been put back into the queue and will be called back when next to be answered.
  • Customer Self-Serve+
    • Provide customers with 24×7 direct access to information without the need to queue for a live agent and reduce routine calls, by routing to an efficient and effective self-service alternative.
  • Positional Messaging+
    • Keep callers informed of where they are in the queue and how long it will be until they get connected. A continuous supply of information keeps callers connected and happier to wait a short while before speaking with an agent.
  • Social Channel Queueing+
    • Thread multiple messages intelligently into meaningful conversations and provide a single view of the customer across multiple channels.
  • Intelligent Forms+
    • Route contact from secure, contextual web forms as part of the multichannel process. Allow promotion to different channels such as live chat or self-serve intelligent FAQs, integrate with CRM solutions and benefit from detailed analytics. Also route contacts to agents with information captured using the form, to optimise the customer experience.
  • Call-backs+
    • Provide a concierge service to callers, allowing them to hang up but still retain their position in the queue. Customers get a great experience and abandoned calls is significantly reduced.
  • Call Me Button+
    • Based on configurable rules, offer customers the ability to click a button in a mobile app or on a website to connect to an agent and transfer contextual information also. Details about the customer, where they were on a web page or in an app can be provided to the agent. The customer benefits from a faster and easier connection and the agent is provided with more relevant and detailed information to better support the customer.
  • Outbound Services+
    • Advanced outbound SMS and call capabilities support campaigns for high volume dialling or bulk SMS services. Maximise the opportunity to connect with customers in an unobtrusive way or use outbound calling technology to drive up call volumes.
  • Audio Loader+
    • Upload whatever audio you want to play while building amazing call management plans.

Actionable Data

  • Analytics+
    • Benefit from completely transparent access to an infinite source of data and use it to empower decision makers. The Cirrus reporting capabilities is market defining, including detail of every aspect of a customer interaction.
  • Reports+
    • Define and schedule reports to identify ways in which you can improve the operational aspects of a Contact Centre.
  • Integrated Call Recording+
    • Leverage voice recordings to learn more about why customers are calling, what they are telling you and how to offer better services.

Agent Tools

  • Agent Workspace+
    • A widget based, branded and customised style, application providing access to more complete multi-channel contact tools and features. Customer information and performance data is placed at the agents fingertips, supported by screen pops, workflows, team presence information, current in queue contact visibility and more.
  • Via the Web+
    • Use a familiar browser interface to access Contact Centre or Cloud PBX configuration as well as the agent workspace application itself.
  • Call Workflows+
    • Workflow customer interactions to provide a consistent and finely tuned customer experience. Support agents with prompts and data at the right times; make sure no sales opportunity is missed.
  • CRM Integration+
    • Provide agents with information about customers, service requests or opportunities directly from Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, using existing connectors or via a standard configurable web address request. Log call activities in CRM applications, link to call recordings and populate customer records with call related data.
  • Presence+
    • Enable agents to view other agent presence information and click to chat, call or conference. Visibility of all agent states is always available, making it easy to login and work from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Customise the presence states and deliver the right presence state to the right person preventing inaccurate reporting. Dynamic presence can be interrupted based on queue thresholds.
  • Connected Data+
    • Connect to existing data sources using a purpose built connector, HTTP requests or the API to provide agents with information from bespoke or off the shelf applications. Put more information at the agents fingertips.
  • Omnichannel Tools+
    • Agents can treat all communications as a single channel, with tools for handling voice, SMS, web chat, email, intelligent web forms and social channels. Agents can handle a history of contact from a customer as a single customer journey, benefitting from tools such as templated responses, to speed up time to answer and improve quality. Optimise the social channel customer experience by defining allowable responses and workflow social interactions. Pass contextual information web forms to a real-time channel, optimising the customer experience.
  • Knowledge Management+
    • Agents can use natural language search, (NLS) to access an infinite resource of knowledge articles and information. Provide consistent and organised responses to better serve customers or to help sell more. Update knowledge articles, share video or web content with customers directly and use built-in surveys to improve the knowledge base.
  • Secure Payment Processing+
    • Benefit from an innovative and level 1 PCI DSS compliance solution that provides the ability for an agent to handle a payment process without having access to sensitive data, whilst keeping the caller connected. Guaranteed payments with unquestionable support for PCI compliance.
  • Hot Desking+
    • Allow agents to log in as ‘themselves’ with their own profile from anywhere, via the browser, a mobile device or a desk based telephone, to handle customer contact.
  • Built-in Voicemail+
    • Allow agents to access voicemail and playback messages easy with one click via the browser.
  • Voice Recording Review+
    • Empower agents to develop their skills further with self evaluation. Agents can access a broader range of their own recordings than a Supervisor might also, to learn more about their own performance. Typically agents evaluate more critically and so skills improvement is accelerated.

Resource Planning

  • Workforce Management+
    • Forecast resource requirements based on historical data, agent skills and across multiple channels, to schedule agent shift patterns so they directly match the demand for customers contacting your organisation. Maximise the opportunity to get customers connected and provide better service or sell more product.
  • Real-time Adherence+
    • Fine tune Contact Centre activity by reviewing how well agents stick to schedules real-time, so as to be able to make changes before problems occur. Long-term use of real-time adherence tools enable forecasts and schedules to become even more accurate, ultimately improving available agent resource to better serve customers.
  • Lifestyle Features+
    • Empower agents to ‘shift-swap’ and book time off easily, amongst themselves and via self-service features. Provide useful information about days in the week being available to make changes on or to take holiday.
  • Gamification+
    • Benefit from a sense of achievement within the team, based on rewards. Staff can enjoy a fun way of demonstrating their performance and can get a great deal of satisfaction from achieving the next level of success, a badge to prove it.
  • Quality Monitoring+
    • Help agents to perform at their best by identifying training needs or ways to help them improve, using tools to review calls and in call activities.
  • Voice Recording+
    • Capture every interaction with a customer over the phone, providing insights and knowledge of how best to handle callers but to also learn about what you can do differently in terms of resourcing.

Supervisor / Admin

  • Live Performance Monitoring+
    • Access current team performance using live contact lists and drill downs to further data. Monitor agents real-time, regardless of their location, listen in to calls live and join queues effortlessly to support the team.
  • Live Agent Support+
    • Message agents one-to-one or as part of an unobtrusive broadcast. As a Supervisor, join existing conversations.
  • Wallboard Displays+
    • Provide access to current and historical information dashboards, with statistical summaries and graphical displays. View across all channels, in a single view. Include SLA widgets with performance measured against agents or groups, considering remotely located agents also.
  • More Precisely Defined Agents+
    • Set up and configure agent groups, routing and agent settings all from a single web browser based view. Assign queues, skills sets, wrap times, conference controls and more.
  • Backup and Restore+
    • Configuration is made easier, with the ability to restore previous changes. When defining an IVR, you can ‘undo’ or ‘paste’ a configuration easily. One click system restores provide a broader safety net also.

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