My name is Rakesh Naidu, I am 18 years old and I am one of the newest additions to Cirrus. Rather than choosing University with the rest of my peers, I took the opportunity to work at this fast paced company. Here’s why…

In the six months that I have been working for Cirrus, my knowledge of the Cloud Telephony industry has gone from being minimal, to the point where on a daily basis, I am supporting customers with technical issues ranging from creating user accounts, to analysing web logs and troubleshooting the cause for errors effecting live customers. Cirrus have provided me with a comprehensive training programme and consistent support and opportunity for professional development. Not only am I gaining the exact same theoretical knowledge as a university student would have, but I am also gaining practical experience which is invaluable.

The Cloud Telephony industry is an enticing one. The technology being provided by Cirrus is truly at the forefront of the marketplace. With cloud computing in its modern context only having been around for the past 10 years or so, the untapped potential is still there for many businesses to benefit from. For example, companies that aren’t deploying cloud technology have to bear the brunt of overloading their offices with physical equipment and undertake costly upgrade projects.

The reason I personally find telecommunications services interesting is that it enables vocal communication, which is one of the strongest tools an individual can equip themselves with – a key life skill that can carry you very far. With ever increasing globalisation and an explosion of options in the way in which we are able to communicate with others I still believe that vocal communication is paramount and impossible to replace. People like to talk to people. With the Telecommunications industry raking in 300 billion euros on average per year in Europe alone, it is by far one of the fastest growing industries and with cloud based technology now aiding its growth, there isn’t another industry I would rather be working within.

Cirrus specifically is causing waves in this industry. Our team has members who are experts in their designated fields, who share their skillset and allow me to absorb as much as I can from them on a daily basis. In my time here I have already lost count of the amount of exciting customer projects that we have undertaken and that I have been able to assist with. The culture at Cirrus is to always strive for excellence whilst supporting each other, the balance is ideal to bring out optimal performance in everyone. We are given constructive feedback on how to improve as young professionals in the industry as well as being offered countless incentives to motivate us further.

I am very excited to continue to embark on this learning process, expanding my knowledge within this industry and work as a part of a company which is breaking the boundaries and expanding at an unstoppable force.