How efficient is your Social Media Management?

This is Paul – Paul works in marketing on-brand messaging across different social media platforms. He monitors likes and dislikes, watches trends and customer conversations. He compiles all this into reports for the marketing department to show the response their activity is having on brand reputation and value.
BUT, with many people now at home with much more time on their hands, the amount of social media posts to monitor has sky-rocketed. Customers who are unable to get through to the Contact Centre, which is flooded with calls, are airing their grievances in public, for all to see. Paul is also stuck at home, and is having difficulty in monitoring such a huge increase in activity. And, he can’t do what he would normally do, which is to simply walk across to the Contact Centre to alert them to any issues.

What Paul needs is an inbox for all social media posts, that gives him an oversight of the current state of sentiment towards his brand. The Contact Centre needs access to the same shared inbox so that they can respond efficiently to all posts in a way that is consistent, and provides the great service levels that customers have come to expect.

How Cirrus Social Media Management can #HelpPaul

Nearly half of all adults in the UK access Facebook several times a day, and about a fifth access YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. So, if organisations are not monitoring these channels they are missing a huge opportunity to engage with their customers, not to mention the ability to handle potentially damaging complaints that, if left to fester, could permanently damage their brand’s reputation.

Cirrus Social Media Management enables businesses to see, reply to and manage every comment, post and tweet. It gives Paul full visibility of all social media in one single place, enabling him to see at a glance what his customers are saying about his brand. The Contact Centre can combine the social media shared inbox with the Cirrus Knowledgebase and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), enabling them to respond quickly and efficiently with consistent, pre-scripted on-message answers.

In addition the Cirrus Social Media Management solution provides:

  • Auto assignment and Agent assignment for all posts
  • Realtime presence management and escalation
  • Dashboards to monitor agent performance and productivity
  • Internal chat so supervisors can alert, help and support agents

Cirrus Social Media Management can #HelpPaul to track trends across a wide range of social media platforms, even when he is working from home. It helps the Contact Centre to respond faster and more efficiently, so that they are able to handle any potential issues quickly before they get out of hand.

The solution is available as an overlay to existing systems with:

  • Short three month contacts, and the option to extend if required
  • Reduced professional services fees, so that cost is not a barrier
  • Rapid deployment, to get agents operational with days (if not hours)

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