People want to connect with businesses quickly and easily, do what they need to do, then get on with their day. The easiest way for them to do that is using text messaging. It’s cost effective, (most have text messaging bundled in their mobile phone contract) and it’s what we’re all used to doing with friends and colleagues each day anyway.

Fast and easy for your customers and staff

We all walk around with a mobile phone in our pocket from the morning just after we’ve woken, (scarily) until we hit the hay. We spend a reasonable amount of time on calls, too much time on social networks, but mostly we like to text people. All ages for all reasons, it just makes sense to use messages as an easy way to touch base, ask a question, check in or just stay in touch.

Imagine then, the ability to do that with a Contact Centre? To be able to chat with an agent via SMS. No more challenges with ‘lost’ web connections using ‘Web Chat’ on a train or as a passenger in the car. No more worrying about what was said during the chat, “did I hit the send me a copy of the conversation button?”, it’s all right there as though you were chatting to a friend. This is something people wouldn’t just consider, they’d use it, a lot!

Improve revenues and have happier customers

Tick boxes across all the important business objectives; helping customers more cost effectively, enabling agents to be more productive, improving customer loyalty, retaining market share, learning more about customers and lots more.

Just as you can text more than one person, so can agents. Offering customers an effortless experience becomes easy and the Corporate Executive Board have proven this is a big deal. It’s far more important to just make things effortless, than it is to do anything exceptional for customers if you want to keep them. In fact, people will often pay more for services if it’s easier to do business. This is something I personally sign up to.

Text chat history provides a great source of searchable information about what your customers want, what they’re saying about your competitors, what you can do better.

To sum up, businesses offering SMS chat will likely realise improved revenues and have happier customers.

A Leading SMS Chat Solution

At Cirrus we work hard to define a product strategy that’s truly inline with what customers want. We spend a lot time talking to people as part of our Customer Success Programme, we are in constant contact with the analyst community, we do a lot with our partners and our partners customers. Our ambition is to make sure the solutions we provide fit and make sense.

That said then, we’ve been talking about and improving our SMS chat solution for quite some time now and interestingly, our competitors aren’t really there yet. The great news is, we’ve tried and tested various ways of implementing it, considered the different technology options and proven the solution we now offer to our customers as part of our Cloud platform. It works, well. Our customers love it and for good reasons.