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Work with a Company that Invests in Others


I’ve worked in charities all across the world for a decade. I sit on the board of one, advocate for another, run my own, speak at conferences and champion causes that make a difference in the world. I also head up Corporate Social Responsibility at Cirrus.

Difference between Customer Experience and Service

Customer experience is an all too frequently used word nowadays. People are losing sight of what it really means – replacing the word ‘service’ for ‘experience’ and carrying on as we did five years ago.

I was fortunate enough to work for Telefonica o2 in the middle of the mobile market boom, and for a company that was creating unique customer experiences before the term was even created. Its purpose? To create brand fans. Not to simply impress people with speedy customer service, which was a default position – it created experiences to win brand loyalty.

Why I Chose an Apprenticeship with Cirrus

My name is Rakesh Naidu, I am 18 years old and I am one of the newest additions to Cirrus. Rather than choosing University with the rest of my peers, I took the opportunity to work at this fast paced company. Here’s why…

Data Centre Failures and Hosted Contact Centres – What does it teach us?

Yesterday saw the large data centre outage of Telecity in London, which knocked out thousands of services across the UK including some VoIP providers that customers rely on for communication. UK internet traffic saw a sudden 10% dip coinciding with the outage suggesting that it had a much greater knock on effect than just the services going offline.

Now, outages like this are rare – but as organisations move everything to the cloud, with resiliencebeing one of the key drivers, what does this outage teach us?

Contact Centre as a Service. Fit for future, or a noose for your contact centre?

There’s no getting away from it. Contact centre systems have moved to the cloud, together with most of our ICT estate. The benefits are well known. Higher availability, fully managed service and when the correct vendor is selected, a feature set that would have cost far more than you could previously afford to put on your premises.

There’s a problem though. In the old world of premise based infrastructure, you had far more choice & flexibility to deal with change. That may sound controversial, so let me explain.

Cirrus 30-60-90 Training

Here at Cirrus we recognise the importance of empowering our customer’s with the knowledge to manage and get the best out of their Cirrus Service. A company’s telephony is a powerful tool and it is our job to help our customers to understand how to manage that tool so that they can give their customers the best possible service and send out their best message as a brand. With our unique 30-60-90 day training service we ensure that we are giving our customer the right tools to manage their service with confidence.

How the Contact Centre Conflicts with ICT Strategies

Up until recently, Contact Centre options were fairly limited. The business bought a phone system from one of the major manufacturers, and the contact centre had to make do with whatever ACD came with it. When the gaps in functionality were uncovered, a long and expensive road using Service Integrators (SI’s) to bolt on additional components would be embarked upon. The end result was a disjointed system with multiple service contracts, expensive to maintain but worst of all – rigid.

4 Key Ways To Improve Service in Your Contact Centre

What is efficient for the contact centre is efficient for the customer. The paradigm shift is to start with the customer, deliver what they want, meet their expectations first time, and you will have fewer repeat calls, shorter call durations, few complaints and a more productive customer service team.

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