1212, 2019

Are Card Payments your weakest link?

Card data breaches can severely damage your brand’s reputation. Figures from UK Finance confirm that theft of personal and financial data through social scams and data breaches was a major contributor to fraud losses in 2018. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) reports that during Q2 of 2018/19, there was over 4,000 data security incidents. Information stolen through a data breach can have on-going ramifications because the data can be used for months, or even years, after the theft. PCI DSS in Contact Centres is a Challenge Firms that suffer a data breach where customers’ card data is compromised that are not PCI [...]

2603, 2019

Excuse me, do you speak English?

Having spent fifteen years in international roles launching tech products of various kinds (mainly those promoting better communication, ironically), when I hear the phrase “Excuse me, do you speak English?”, I have come to expect that the conversation won’t go well. Whilst working for a French company and spending increasing amounts of time in Paris, I tried to avoid this scenario with the very non-English behavior of attempting to converse in local language. My feeble attempts to speak French in France were almost always swept aside: the reply came straight back in perfect, always heavily-accented English. The sub-text even I could translate…. [...]

2911, 2018

Measuring ROI for your Conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword of the contact centre industry, and it’s not going anywhere! However, some organisations are still waiting for AI technology to develop to the point of being completely mature and widely adopted. According to Gartner’s emerging technologies hype cycle – Conversational AI Platforms sit as an Innovation Trigger where the plateau will be reached in the next 5-10 years. Even though we’re still a few years away from the peak, all that AI promises to deliver is certainly worth the hype and is available right now! While AI technologies are yet to reach their peak, this is a [...]

2911, 2018

Banishing Poor Customer Experience – Getting Omni Right!

 We have all had our fair share of bad call-centre experiences. There’s an expectation and then there’s the reality of what happens for a customer. Let’s take a look at a typical customer engagement. We’ll call the customer Bob. In this scenario, Bob has experienced a service-affecting issue with his mobile phone contract. He calls the contact centre, along with thousands of other customers, and is put on hold. After 20 minutes he hangs up, because he has an important meeting to attend, and he calls back later. When he calls back, he is put on hold again, so he visits the [...]

1009, 2018

Winning with AI – A Glimpse into the Retail Banking Industry

Bank branches have seen a modest decline over the past few years, thanks to the wide adoption of the smartphone, now customers are choosing to use online banking instead of visiting their local branch. Consumer visits to retail bank branches are set to drop by 36% between 2017 and 2022. Customers who do use their branch are visiting less frequently, and some consumers are less likely to use their branch at all. According to a research paper by CACI, Customers interactions with their bank will increase by 54% in the next 5 Years and banking app transactions will increase by 121%. Technology [...]

3108, 2018

The Case for SMS as a channel in your Contact Centre.

We spend ‘hours’ on our smartphones texting every day, so why aren’t contact centres leveraging this communication channel to customers and consumers? The average consumer uses multiple devices and multiple channels every day; seamlessly moving from one to another. They expect business’ to be able to match this behaviour during customer services interactions.  Consumers want to connect with businesses quickly and easily, do what they need to do, then get on with their day. The easiest way for them to do that is using text messaging. Texting is a channel customers want to use and organisations should match consumers behaviour. The rise [...]

608, 2018

Demystifying The Difference Between a Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Contact Centre?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an instrumental role in the evolution of customer service and the overall customer experience - helping reduce the overall customer effort and meeting the ever-rising expectations of the ‘always-on access’ customers, who instinctively want to self-manage on their own terms. With the rise of so many AI based technologies available in the market place, how do we cut through all the noise? There’s a great deal of confusion in the market regarding the difference between Machine learning, Conversational AI and a Chatbot? How do you know which will exceed your customers’ expectations? AI is an overused term in our [...]

1807, 2018

Are your customers truly at the heart of everything you do with Omni-Channel?

Are you really addressing customer experience in the contact centre? Are you matching all the channels they use to communicate? Do you have a clear view of the entire customer journey? Is your contact centre provider really allowing you to engage with your customers on all channels (including WhatsApp, app store etc) whenever, wherever? Never before in history has technology progressed so rapidly that organisations have had to change so fast. The next generation of people (those born between 1995 and 2010 who account for 27% of the world population) is entering the workforce and has spending power. They expect to be [...]

207, 2018

How do you personalise the Customer Experience (CX) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Omni-Channel?

How we interact with customers has changed significantly over the past decade and looks set to continue to rapidly evolve over the next decade with accelerated digitalisation. Customers demand an effortless experience and choice in the way they interact with an organisation. They want to use chat, email, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp and cleverly routed calling to connect quickly. Therefore, organisations need to enable engagement with customers in the most responsive and effective way. The customer experience is not measured on individual interactions, although these are important, it is judged on the complete customer journey and it is this that is proving to [...]

2704, 2018

How To Assess ROI from Your Cloud Contact Centre Solution

Choosing to invest in any transformative technology is never just a matter of comparing features and deploying the one that is the closest match to your requirements. We all live in the real world, where price is always going to be a consideration. However, “price” is somewhat of an arbitrary metric. If you’re investing in a system that is going to last for 5-10 years, the upfront cost is just a part of the equation. If, for example, you are comparing the relative costs of a cloud contact centre solution versus a traditional on-premises solution, you need to be thinking in terms [...]

1304, 2018

What’s Stopping You Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud?

A recent Contact Babel review of businesses that have adopted cloud contact centre technologies over the past three years reveals some interesting insights. In recent years, we’ve seen a business improvement rationale for choosing cloud over on-premises solutions. Given the nature of cloud as a deployment option, it is not surprising to see scalability as a key driver for adoption; followed closely by improvements in business continuity and the ever-present reduction in capital expenditure. Last year’s results show some movement in the primary drivers for adoption, with access to a broader range of functionality and support for remote workers and virtual contact [...]

604, 2018

How to Choose a Cloud Contact Centre Vendor

Cloud-based solutions are becoming the technology of choice for a wide range of contact centre operators. In particular, cloud appeals to those organisations that require flexibility and scalability to cope with seasonal changes in demand, the expansion of services or the virtualization of contact centre operations. As we’ve seen in previous articles, an increasing number of businesses are turning to cloud when their legacy solutions go end-of-life. If you are contemplating a move to the cloud, how should you go about evaluating service vendors? What are the key points of reference you should look for? Before you start researching potential vendors, it’s [...]

903, 2018

Function Defines Form

In a previous post, we looked at what was driving adoption of cloud contact centre solutions in 2018. This time, we’re going to look at those who have already embraced cloud technologies and see if function really does define form. The last five years has seen an increase in adoption rates among contact centres delivering outbound sales. This has been encouraged by the “normalization” of cloud-based CRM. The increased exposure to cloud technologies has brought down some of the traditional barriers to change, making it easier to present a business case for cloud migration. The market for cloud is still relatively young [...]

2302, 2018

What’s Driving Cloud Adoption in 2018?

When it comes to cloud adoption, the reasons for and against have varied widely over the past decade. Through most of the early years of the twenty first century, the “case for the cloud” was based on the five essential characteristics defined by NIST or similar organisations. The cloud was available on demand, via the internet. It was based on the principles of pooled resources, elasticity and a utility-based pricing model. However, not all of these defining characteristics were translated into compelling reasons why you should adopt cloud technologies. During its infancy, the cloud went through a few personality changes – it [...]

1212, 2017

4 Ways to Utilise Webchat to Enhance the Customer Experience (CX)

As the internet has now become part of our day-to-day lives we have all noticed our customer's behaviours are changing. Gone are the days when you would walk into a bank or a building society and speak to the bank manager. However, the need to be valued and treated like a person still remains and with more and more customers shopping online - being able to connect with customers quickly and efficiently, could be the deciding factor that makes or breaks a potential sale. Webchat is an ideal platform for engaging and connecting directly with visitors on your website, allowing visitors the opportunity [...]