Work with a Company that Invests in Others


I’ve worked in charities all across the world for a decade. I sit on the board of one, advocate for another, run my own, speak at conferences and champion causes that make a difference in the world. I also head up Corporate Social Responsibility at Cirrus.

Typically, charities are run by idealists who get their hands dirty and give up their time to help. The ambition is always on pushing for the best possible outcomes for people.  At Cirrus, we prefer to have more in common with a charity organisation than most.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In December, the Cirrus team spent their lunch breaks putting games, stationary and toys into red and green Christmas shoeboxes. We sent these across the world to children living in poverty, so that they received presents at Christmas and knew that they were cared about. Each of these boxes was funded by the individual team member.

Five of us have jumped out of a plane to raise thousands for ‘The SilverLine’, a charity that provides a free call service to the elderly who struggle with loneliness.  We contribute weekly to the ‘Fruitful Office’ tree-planting campaign, helping to mitigate the effects of global warming, deforestation and providing an income support to local communities in Malawi, Africa.  We also run Social Action days, where staff are sponsored by the company to volunteer for a charity of their choice.

The Benefit To Customers

With a core focus on giving, Cirrus staff think and behave in a way that’s likely to be perceived as going above and beyond.  It’s not though, it’s just the way we help customers. We focus on the operational needs as well as the technology, understanding that adapting to the market and managing change is based on people. People are important to us. Our staff induction programme is built around selflessness; it’s what defines us as a team.

So, when looking for companies to work with it’s worth considering those that are already proving their worth by investing in others.  It may provide a clear and unambiguous view of the kind of service you might expect in the future.