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Email Management

Cirrus Email Service is designed to replace your existing, traditional forms with one logical and secure process. By incorporating our Web Chat and Knowledge Management service, this allows the system to intelligently escalate customers to other channels for more immediate resolution.


  • Secure and simple contact form process.

  • Collects only the information pertinent to the enquiry.

  • Unlimited number of forms all in one process.

  • Allows escalation to other contact channels as needed.

  • Detailed analytics showing key deflection and resolution rates

  • Integrates with any CRM system

  • Offers email submission to qualified operators

  • Includes templated answers for fast accurate responses


  • Yields 95%+ customer satisfaction rating.

  • Efficient use due to strategic placement within FAQ system.

  • 15% of customers would not use any other contact channel.

  • Compared to email, chat resolves eight times more enquiries.

  • Ideal for hearing impaired customers.

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