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SMS Chat

Cirrus SMS Chat is an interactive SMS communication solution. It enables contact centre agents to have a live chat conversation, with customers and sales prospects using SMS, in an organised and intuitive way.
It lets customers reach you in a way that many now prefer, with text chat instead of voice. It gives agents a simple web console to manage chat conversations with customers. Cirrus SMS Chat has all the benefits of web chat, but it’s optimised for mobile use. It’s perfect for customers on the move, or in situations where voice calls would be intrusive.

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Social Media Customer Service

Customers love Social Media, they use it to share information about themselves, and more importantly about their experiences with organisations, both good and bad. If you are not engaging with your customers over social media, you are most definitely missing a trick.
Cirrus Social enables you to quickly and easily create a social media channel within your contact centre, leveraging the industry’s leading social customer service platform from Cirrus, as a cloud-based solution.

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Web Chat

Cirrus Web Chat service proactively and reactively offers customers the opportunity to connect to a real person. As part of our multi-channel software suite it provides the ideal combination of strategic customer service escalation.

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Email Management

Cirrus Email Management is designed to replace your existing, traditional forms with one logical and secure process. By incorporating our Web Chat and Knowledge Management service, this allows the system to intelligently escalate customers to other channels for more immediate resolution.

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